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Personnel Concept
  • Chief Engineer (Biomass Power Generation) 1 person
    Job Requirements:
    1. Have a college degree or above;
    2. Have 10 years or more of experience in small thermal power/thermal power plant/biomass power generation production management and more than 3 years of experience;
    3. Master power enterprise management and operation management; be familiar with modern knowledge such as power industry reliability management, safety system engineering, total quality management, and target management;
    4. Master the professional theory of power production and power generation production process, and be proficient in power industry management standards and work standards;
    5. Understand the characteristics of the biomass power plant production system, and be able to organize relevant personnel to deal with production abnormalities;
    6. Ability to organize relevant personnel to adjust equipment operation methods.
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Participate in the discussion of project technology and equipment plans, drawing review, bidding and other matters, and make targeted suggestions.
    2. Track the project closing, final accounts, and acceptance of new projects, coordinate and resolve remaining issues during the project construction period, assist the project company in completing special fund review and investment audit, and urge the project company to complete the processing of various qualifications.
    3. Guide the project company to formulate commissioning and system debugging plans, organize and participate in project commissioning, and coordinate personnel from relevant departments of the company to formulate rectification plans and solve on-site problems in response to problems during the commissioning process.
    4. Assist the trial operation project company to complete organizational structure design, position and staffing, team formation, production preparation and asset transfer to ensure that the project goes into operation smoothly.
    5. Assist the project company to establish and improve management systems, systems and procedures, and promote the standardization and standardization of the project company's operations.
    6. Establish a weekly and monthly operating report system for the project company, standardize information filling, timely count and analyze various operating data indicators of the project company, pay attention to project investment recovery and cash flow, and organize the preparation of monthly operation reports.
    7. Responsible for the optimization of the project company's organizational structure and the interview evaluation of department manager-level personnel of the project company. Based on the actual situation of the project company's operations, regularly organize special operation business exchange training to cultivate and develop operational professionals.
    8. Participate in the formulation of annual business plan indicators and production assessment indicators of the project company, organize regular assessments of the project company based on the determined operation and management indicators of the project company, and provide suggestions for improvement.
    9. Participate in price adjustment work, collect project completion accounts, financing status, etc., calculate project operating costs and total costs, and assist the project company in proposing a plan to increase operating charge prices.
    10. Organize relevant departments and personnel to review the technical transformation, equipment transformation and production management improvement plans of operational projects, coordinate and participate in the transformation process and make relevant suggestions.
  • Project development managers (biology, environmental protection) 3 people
    Job Requirements:
    1. Aged 30-45 years old, college degree or above, majoring in environmental engineering, chemical technology, thermal power and other electric power, chemical industry, and environmental protection;
    2. 5 years or more of work experience, more than 2 years of independent operation experience in biomass power generation project development, environmental protection project development, high-risk waste treatment project development, municipal solid waste treatment project development and other projects, if there are limited project resources;
    3. Be familiar with project approval, verification and other work processes, and have relevant knowledge in the environmental protection industry;
    4. Have good project planning, business negotiation and team management skills, have the courage to accept work challenges, and have strong ability to withstand pressure.5. Able to accept a certain amount of business travel.
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for and follow-up the negotiation of external investment projects delivered by the company to reach cooperation intentions, participate in the signing of project cooperation agreements, and be responsible for the connection in the early stage of project cooperation;
    2. Responsible for the preliminary development work of project construction (biomass power generation, solid waste treatment, environmental protection projects, etc.), handling and obtaining project approval, approval and other relevant procedures;
    3. Develop and maintain external relationships between government authorities and industry authorities on behalf of the company;
    4. Cooperate with the project construction department and project operation management department to establish project-related external coordination relationships;
    5. Responsible for the training and construction of the project development team;
  • Fuel transportation engineer (biomass power generation) 1 person
    Job Requirements:
    1. Age 30-50 years old.
    2. Have 5 years or more working experience in related industries (biomass fuel).
    3. Be able to use office software proficiently.
    4. Have strong organizational, management and coordination abilities.
    5. Obey laws and regulations, be honest and self-disciplined, have a strong sense of responsibility, be hard-working, have professionalism and teamwork spirit.
    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for cooperating with the Fuel Management Department in handling fuel supply and other related matters.
    2. Responsible for understanding the local agriculture, forestry, and biomass fuel processing industry market conditions.
    3. Complete the company's supply of fuel needs and control the cost of fuel procurement.
    4. Responsible for inspecting and controlling the moisture and impurities of fuel entering the factory.
    5. Responsible for the monitoring and management of all aspects of biomass fuel collection, processing, storage, and transportation.