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Jiangsu Nair Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was established in April 2001. It is a manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels, chemical pump products and products for the metallurgy, electric power, coal chemical industry, and mining industries.It has a high-quality workforce, complete product design and R&D institutions, advanced manufacturing equipment, strong technical force, and complete testing methods.The company has established an 'Enterprise Academician Workstation' and has established a strategic alliance of industry, academia and research with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It currently has an expert team composed of two academicians and 11 doctors to provide technical support for the research and development of the company's products.It has 21 people with intermediate and senior technical titles, 32 people with junior professional titles, and 48 certified welders and senior workers in special equipment welding.The quality assurance system is well organized and the operators meet the requirements of Al and A2 grade pressure vessels.
Jiangsu Nair Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has established and improved the quality assurance system, summarized and learned from the experience of advanced units in the operation of quality management systems, and formulated the company's quality policy, quality organization, and quality responsibilities based on the current relevant national regulations and standards. The control principles, methods, procedures and basic requirements for quality activities in each process are stipulated, and the important processes of design, procurement, technology, welding, machining, non-destructive testing, heat treatment, inspection testing, measurement and equipment control are carried out. detailed specifications.Since its establishment, the company has been continuously committed to user satisfaction activities, forming a good atmosphere in which everyone values ​​and cares about quality. It truly develops products according to market requirements, improves quality according to user requirements, improves production according to contract requirements, and enables users to Satisfaction has steadily increased and a better corporate image has been established among users.
Jiangsu Nair Pump Industry Co., Ltd. sincerely invites new and old customers to visit and provide guidance!Sincerely provide users with high-quality products and thoughtful services!