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Company Profile
Develop green industries
Look at the contradiction between the economy and the environment from a development perspective, fulfill the promise of environmental protection, and adhere to the quality policy of 'complying with international standards, fulfilling sacred promises, pioneering the industry, and satisfying customers'. At the same time, we provide customers with economic, stable and efficient Clean energy, protect the ecological environment, realize the recycling of materials and multi-level utilization of energy, and contribute to sustainable development!​​​​​​​
Disaster Relief​​​​​​​
A difficult one, P Plus support.Dedicate yourself to the disaster-stricken areas and help them rebuild their homes.In the face of major disasters, the group's partners have fulfilled their corporate social responsibilities with practical actions and demonstrated the company's great love with love.Charity is always on the road and never stops...​​​​​​​
Sunshine business​​​​​​​
While the company focuses on its own development and growth, it also pays more attention to the development of society and the cultivation of national talents.The company sets up corporate scholarships in colleges and universities to support poor students with excellent academic performance.It is hoped that the award-winning students will study hard, continuously hone themselves in personality cultivation, professional knowledge, and scientific research capabilities, and never forget to repay the society when their careers are successful.​​​​​​​
Employee care​​​​​​​
Start with details and care about employees’ lives.Through the development of various activities and work, we enrich employees' cultural and entertainment activities, create a harmonious and warm cultural atmosphere and a good environment for employees, enhance the cohesion of the company and the employees' sense of identity, belonging and honor for the company, and provide continuous and rapid development for the company. Development injects strong spiritual power.​​​​​​​