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  • 2023-07-27

    Denitrification and desulfurization pressure vessels are a common type of pressure vessels and are mostly used in thermal power plants.Many people want to know how it is used in thermal power plants.Well, our company is a manufacturer that has specialized in producing denitrification and desulfurization pressure vessels. Below, our company will give you a brief explanation.First of all, we have all seen the pressure vessel. It is a large-scale sealed device that contains gas or liquid and can withstand a certain pressure.Generally, storage and transportation vessels, reaction vessels, heat exchange vessels and separation vessels are pressure vessels.As you all know, in thermal power plants, power generation in thermal power plants will produce a large amount of waste gas containing sulfur and nitrate from the burning coal. When these waste gases are discharged into the atmosphere, they will cause pollution and form acid rain.Therefore, of course, these wastes cannot be discharged directly into the air, so they can only be processed in containers, and this container device is a denitrification and desulfurization pressure vessel.There are many methods for desulfurization and denitrification processes. You can also go online to find answers.
  • 2023-07-20

    With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, new equipment and new technologies have been applied in many industry fields.This improvement made up for the shortcomings of many devices that could not be used because some factors could not meet customer needs, so many emerging products and devices came out.The same is true in pressure vessel equipment. The materials used are also very different due to different uses. In addition to the common ones we have, there are also some special materials that are also popular for pressure vessel equipment.
  • 2023-07-10

    Pressure vessels are used in a wide range of applications around us, and there are many types.Generally speaking, there are storage tanks, oil pipes, buffer tanks, etc. Depending on the material, there are also stainless steel pressure vessels, titanium pressure vessels, etc.In terms of use, they are divided into pneumatic tools, vehicle braking, textile machinery, mining, etc., and of course there are also small pressure vessels, high pressure pressure vessels, etc.The stainless steel pressure vessels produced by our company (heated by electricity, steam, thermal oil) are composed of pot lid, barrel body, jacket, agitator, shaft seal transmission device and support. The pot body and parts in contact with the materials in the pot All made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.Due to different production processes, operating conditions, etc., users can use jackets, half pipes, coils, Miller plates and other structures for heating and cooling. Jacket heating types are divided into electric heating rod heating, steam heating, thermal oil circulation heating, and shaft heating. Sealing devices are divided into packing seals and mechanical seals. The mixing types generally include anchor type, paddle type,