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Importance and maintenance of hearth rollers

Many people may not know what a hearth roller is, and it is normal to not know it because they have little contact with it.This type of equipment is very important in the modern industrial development of our country, because our country's heat treatment technology is now widely used, not only in the industrial field, but also in the metallurgical industry and the steel industry, and the furnace bottom The roller is a very critical piece of equipment in the heat treatment technology.
Although everyone is not very familiar with furnace bottom rollers, I believe we all know that our country has had iron-making technology since ancient times. At that time, iron was heated and melted to make various utensils.The same principle holds true for today's heat treatment technology, except that it is already very sophisticated in various technologies and is also assisted by very advanced processing equipment. The hearth roller plays a role in the annealing process of this technology. important role.Because annealing is related to the overall quality of the final processed object, it can be seen that its role is very huge, so the requirements for its use are also very strict.
There are many types of hearth rollers on the market today, all of which are very high temperature resistant materials.Because each industry has different requirements for use, there are many types of hearth rollers, and their functions are of course different.Of course, you must be very careful when using such an important piece of equipment as the hearth roller, otherwise it will cause great losses to the company.During normal use, you should pay attention to the supervision of specialized personnel. If there are abnormal sounds or the like, you should stop the operation in time. Check and find the problem before restarting the operation to avoid greater losses.
It is best to check it after normal use. If there is any problem, it can be repaired in time.In addition to daily maintenance, you must also pay attention to regular cleaning. There may be some impurities inside the furnace bottom roller, so it must be cleaned regularly.Cleaning is not done with water. You must use gasoline or kerosene. Be sure to wash it thoroughly. It is best not to have any residue inside. It may affect the processing effect during the next operation.Generally, if the maintenance method is proper, the furnace hearth roller can be used for a long time and is not easily damaged.Although the quality is good, prevention work must be done well, so that its use time can be greatly extended and bring more benefits to the enterprise.